July 6 – Scandinavia

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1100-1155 Opening remarks: Hanne Konradsen – Keynote KN-SC-A1: Marit Kirkevold: What is the value of qualitative research in light of dominant discourse on evidence-based practice?
noon-1255 lunch and poster viewing SC-PO-A1
1255-1300 Closing remarks
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1100-1155  CEST
Marit Kirkevold
What is the value of qualitative research in light of the dominant discourse on evidence-based practice?


The presentation will take a critical look at how the evidence-based practice ideology currently dominates the research priorities of the health care services in the Nordic countries and discuss the consequences of this ideology for qualitative research. The discussion will include issues related to the value put on qualitative research, access to financial support for qualitative research and possible strategies for increasing the impact of qualitative research on health care services.  

Marit Kirkevold is the head of the Institute of nursing and health promotion, at Oslo Metropolitan University and professor of nursing at University of Oslo, Norway. She is also guest professor at University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Together with colleagues in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, the UK and Australia, she has conducted extensive qualitative research during the last 30 years, applying a wide range of qualitative methods.  

Poster session – 1200-1255 CEST

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Mrs. Julie Duval Jensen
Department Of Public Health, Aarhus University
SC-PO-A1.01 - Digital Documentation Practice

Mrs. Anna Hjalmarsson
Doctoral Student
School of Health, Care and Social Welfare, Mälardalen University Eskilstuna Västerås, Sweden
SC-PO-A1.02 - When Older Persons Need Emergency Medical Services at Home: A Critical Incident Study on Swedish Municipal Care Personnel

Miss Mette Valdersdorf Jensen
Phd Student
Department of Psychology/ University Of Southern Denmark
SC-PO-A1.03 - The Impact of Hypoglycaemia on the Quality of Life of Parents to Children and Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes - A Qualitative Study

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